Introduction to my blog.

I began a degree in Psychology at the beginning of this year, taking sociology as my supporting and biology and anthropology as my electives. Sociology and anthropology have definitely sparked the socio-anthropologist insideĀ of me, so I guess I could say this has been one of my motivations to create this blog.

My main focus with this blog is basically to respond to any posts on the internet that spark my interest and that I think other people will share the same or similar views, and maybe even for those who disagree to test my beliefs. I can’t say specifically what topics I will discuss, but I am usually fascinated in articles around culture, police (people who talk crap about them), animals, parenting, genders and much more. Its like a surprise every time you visit my blog, you never know what I’ll be ranting about.

Let’s make a few things clear before anyone comes to my blog expecting something that I cannot give.

I am an open minded person, I do not believe I am always right and I will allow for facts to test my opinion on things. The things I choose to talk about are things that I truly believe, and I would never argue against something if I did not 100% believe I was right. This is a place for my thoughts, my opinions and my beliefs. This is a place for open minded people such as myself. I will admit, there are many things I do not agree with or believe in, but I stay true to myself when I say that as long as it makes someone happy and gives their life meaning, then I can accept it, as it is not my position to judge. People will not always agree on things, and a lot of the time this is a good thing, otherwise our world wouldn’t have made the progress that it has. My opinion does not have to be your opinion.

I’d like to think I’m a pretty funny person, but my humour mostly revolves around inappropriate, gross and sometimes dark thoughts. I believe there is a difference in joking about something serious and believing that this thing is acceptable – meaning that I think sometimes it IS okay to laugh about things, and it does not mean that what you say is really what you think. I’m not sure if you’ll ever see this side of me, I usually leave it to inside jokes with my partner and my own strange mind. This was just a heads up.


Welcome to my blog, whether or not you choose to return (or read in the first place) is up to you.