As I sat down on the couch tonight to do absolutely-fuck-all, I scrolled through Facebook and came across a post that flicked the “pissed-off” switch inside me. Just another one of the many posts that I come across that makes me think, “This looks fascinating, I am going to read the comments, surely I will find something that will annoy me”. I then thought to myself, “Man, I really have a lot to rant about, how about instead of chewing my boyfriends ear off, I write a blog instead?” But sorry Sam, you are still not off the hook. So here we are, a place I intend to share my opinions, talk and respond to posts, articles and videos I see that spark my interest.

I am Shannon Limmer, 20 years old and living in Hamilton, New Zealand. I am studying a Bachelor of Arts and Social Science in Psychology at the University of Waikato. This year I decided to take papers in Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology and Biology. These topics have always interested me, and I wanted to keep my options open when choosing subjects. Prior to attending university, I had my heart set on taking a English or Creative Writing paper as I have always had a thing for writing, and I was never one to write about real-life problems, I was more interested in creating a perfect world to escape to. In fact, in primary school I wrote plays and productions, two that we actually ended up learning and performing. If you went through my old PC documents, you’d discover love songs and poems written by 10 year old me, I guess I’ve always been a bit of a romantic.

If I was to describe myself to someone who did not know me, I would say that I am an open-mined, honest (to the extent I feel highly uncomfortable lying), positive (yet realistic), confident and friendly. I have changed quite a lot over the years, I realise this now as I describe myself, thinking about what I would have said differently 4 years ago. I am very talkative, that has not changed, but I don’t think I am the same bubbly, social butterfly that I once was, and that is 100% okay with me. I strongly believe that only some people are worth really making an effort for, but that does not mean I am unkind or shut people out. I have learnt that being by yourself sometimes can be much better, and it’s easier to know yourself when you’re not constantly being influenced by the people around you. You know, taking time to step back and think, what do I truly believe, what do I really like, who and what do I want to be?

I’ve always prided myself on the idea that I am not a follower, of course, there are times when I’d consider myself to be one, like following a fashion trend or something like that. But I’m not very consistent. I like to be different, I like to be a little bit more mysterious without drawing attention to myself. I dye my hair bright colours, sometimes I wear black and sometimes I wear my colourful hippie pants, sometimes I want to dress classy and feel elegant, but most of the time I was to be comfy-casual. I have never looked at others in a way that made me negatively compare myself to them, I don’t look at a beautiful girl wearing clothes I like and think, “Wow, I wish I looked like her”, I’m more of an admirer, and I take on board the things I like and I guess I get ideas from that. But I never have the urge to be something that I know I’m not, I so badly want to be myself and people to see me for myself.

I believe in a spiritual side of the world but I also believe in a biological side. Biology provides the facts, but the spiritual side allows me to imagine a world beyond that. I would say I have no religion – or at least a religion I cannot define, but I think that if believing in something gives people a sense of inner peace, then I am pleased. I do not believe in a god, but I believe in a force that guides us in some way, and I do believe that everything happens for a reason.

I chose to create this blog because I felt it was time to start writing again, I want something that will inspire me to open myself up, because I miss being the girl who would write and write and write. You learn so much from writing, mostly about yourself. This is not only for others to read, but also a keep-sake for me that will hopefully be meaningful in the future.